I'm Prachi.

I am currently pursuing a Master's in Interaction Design at the IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay.

You can write to me at prachitank6@gmail.com and can find my resume here.

I have listed my projects and internships below :D


Google Internship. Over the summer of 2019, I interned with the G Suite team at Google Bangalore. As a UX Intern, I was responsible for pitching a feature for which I went through the entire design process from user research to testing. I have written about my experience here.

Top 3 in CHI 2020 Student Research Competition. My paper titled 'Helping Low Literate Parents Engage with their Children's Learning' is amongst the top 3 in the Student Research Competition at CHI, 2020. You can find the paper here or view a video about It here.

2nd Place, Data Visualisation Challenge. I got the second place in the explanatory category in a global competition hosted by the Data Visualisation Society. The contest brief was to identify data stories about Information Designers across the world. You can view my entry here.

And more

Opposite Design Internship. I interned at Opposite Design Studio (formerly known as Beard Design), in their UX team in 2018. I was a core part of their 3 person team (2 UX + 1 Front end) and was closely involved in all the projects in the 4 months that I was there.

Ogilvy Internship. I did projects with the User Research and Creative teams of OgilvyOne, the digital media arm of Ogilvy, Bangalore in the summer of 2017. The projects involved understanding the digital target audience of different brands and designing collaterals for the same.

Google Internship Design Challenge. This was a case study on productivity at the workplace. This was a design task that I completed in the process of securing a summer internship at Google. It was a week long exercise which is documented here.

Course Connect. This was a pitch to revamp the User Experience of the NIFT app and website. I reimagined the user experience of the existing campus management solutions to respond to the user's need more effectively. The process has been documented here.

Haikya? As part of a course project, we identified concerns of the students related to shopping for groceries and necessities within the IITB campus, and designed an app to solve the problem. A case study about the same can be found here.

Game Design. I took a course under Prof. Uday Athavankar, where we studied the frameworks for game design and applied them to designing educational games - in the physical and digital medium. An account of the same can be read here.

Project Demonstration at 'Designing for Children' Conference. Our team of 3 has been shortlisted to demonstrate our project on a learning aid for teaching sensitive topics to children at the 'Designing for Children with focus on Play and Learn' in September, 2020. The project can be accessed here.

Thank you :)